More About Me

I started my journey as a member of the United States Navy. I received not only an intense training in Computer technology but a strong work ethic due diligence and respect for others. After completing my 6 year tour I joined the civilian force. I have always had an interest in the Real Estate Market. My interest in homes stem from a father who is a contractor. Eventually I was able to team-up with a real estate appraiser in Vallejo. Here I received an in depth education on property value which has a definite benefit in pricing property for you. Later I decided to shift to the sales side of the business. Starting on the assistant side of the business as an escrow coordinator I was able to learn the backbone of the business paperwork. Once I felt comfortable with this I decided it was time to get my license. Since 2008 I have been full steam ahead. I am working with veterans investors first time home buyers short sales and foreclosures. I am a full service agent. Give me a call to get started in your real estate investment today!!